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Full driving licence

You need a full driving licence for the category of vehicle that you intend to drive. You can drive only the category or categories of vehicle for which the licence is issued.

Examples of full driving licence
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Applying for your full licence

To apply for your full driving licence, you should send in an application form, two signed photographs, the relevant fee and your current or most recent learner permit.

With the application for your first licence, you must include your Certificate of Competency to drive (outlined in The driving test section). You may also need to supply other documents, such as a medical report, depending on your circumstances. You can get full details from the Road Safety Authority's website, www.rsa.ie.

Renewing your licence

A driving licence is normally valid for 10 years and you should renew your licence before this period passes. To renew your licence, send in the correct form and fee, two signed photographs and your current or most recent licence. If you are renewing a category C1, CE1, C, CE, D1, DE1, D or DE licence, you must include a medical report.

You should apply to renew your licence not later than three months before it expires.

You can get full details about driving licences from the Road Safety Authority's website, www.rsa.ie.

Carrying a driving licence

Remember, you must carry your driving licence, or learner permit as appropriate (all categories) with you at all times when you are driving.

Image showing a garda requesting a driving licence from a civilian in a car